Pressed Pennies

I’m the kinda person who wants a souvenir for every experience at Disney, one for every ride, restaurant, and event. I have found pressed pennies are the only affordable solution.


There are well over 100 pressed penny machines on Disney property, typically with three designs per machine. Some are pressed dimes or quarters instead of pennies (and the price is higher in this case).

Usually the machine will hold designs specific to the location. For example, Splash Mountain has two machines, with five designs devoted to Splash Mountain, and one for Big Thunder Mountain (the closest ride, barring the train station). Space Mountain has three machines, one is a set of pressed penny designs, one is pressed dimes, and one is pressed quarters.



Randomly collecting as you enjoy the park is a great strategy, and stressless too. However, because of the number of pennies, if you have a specific set you want to attain I recommend looking on the official site before your trip at:

You can also ask guest relations for a pressed penny map, and they should have one printed out for you.

Another resource is an app for your smart phone called “penny finder”. It is not specific to Disney, but can help you find pressed pennies all around the world. It is able to tell your location or you can narrow down your search using the options it gives you to find nearby pennies.

Keep in mind, the machines are subject to sudden changes, and the sites are not always updated immediately. They also go out of order quite frequently, so be sure to remain flexible in your pursuit of these shiny mementos!

Disney sells pressed penny books to store the pennies, dimes and quarters in for around $9. Two designs are available, a Tinkerbell one and a theme park design. I personally have filled all the penny slots in my penny book.


I upgraded to a storage container with mini containers inside:


I label each section with tape, and keep them all organized. 🙂
I also like to hammer a hole in the top of the penny, and put it on a bracelet or necklace chain with a split ring.


Do you collect pressed pennies? What do you do with them? Post in the comments! 🙂

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